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Glockenspiel bar suspension - Discussions with Mary

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From: Mary
Sent: 06 August 2010
Subject: Glockenspiel bar suspension
I have a glockenspiel I use in my elementary music class and the moleskin needs replacing. What do you recommend I do to fix it?

Hi Mary
Well now - by "moleskin" which bit do you mean? Is it used as a basic padding right on top of the struts such that the bars rest on it? Felt is often used for this purpose also. Sometimes to help give the bars a little more sustain a fishing line type nylon or linen thread can be criss crossed between the pegs under some tension to help raise them a little further. I often use this basic idea with ordinary household rubber bands which work very well as far as the sound goes anyway - you can see an example here:

Marimba and Xylophone building modifications

On that page you can also see the orange surgical rubber tubing (does not have to be orange) that I also often use for this type of set up - sounds the same as the rubber bands but looks a little more neat and professional.

Hope this helps
Jim McCarthy

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answers by Jim MCCarthy - 28/02/2008

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