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Marimba Stretch Tuning - (information from Bence Varga)

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Hello Jim!

I have some information on stretch tuning.

1. At you'll find a section of marimba making, in that Mr. LaFavre writes about a basic stretch tuning process.

2.There is also a book sold at (Chris Banta, Marimba Bar Fabrication and Tuning) that describes stretch tuning, though I have never read it.

I am planning to buy Banta's book once, I hope it will help. Anyway, I saw that you are especially interested in bass marimbas. He has a book on Bass marimba building, that focuses only on that topic, it is called Bass Marimba. It was published long ago, but you may find it at libraries.

My best wishes and greetings,

Bence Varga

Hi Jim! I have just found 2 more articles, that can be useful for you. Check them out if you are interested. They are in the Perception of Musical Sound section of this page:

Bence Varga

Hi Jim!

I was the one who contacted you about the stretch tuning of marimba bars. I hope I don't disturb you, but I managed to get some very good information on marimba bar tuning:
Antoine Chaigne: Tuning of Xilophone Bars
by the same author: Numerical Simulations of Xylophones

Here is the link of that article. You can put a link to it on your site. It might be useful for some people.

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