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Tips and Technique
The PAS 40 Standard Rudiments - Drummers Bible, or a Joke? - in depth by Jim McCarthy
Tuning and Muffling Drums - by Harvey Frederick
Some tips for playing Concert Bass Drum - by: Jim McCarthy
Handy Tips for Percussionists, Timpanists and Drummers - by: Jim McCarthy
Some notes on Timpani Technique - by: Jim McCarthy
Some Tips for the Stage - by: Jim McCarthy
On the fulcrum and Matched grip - (Questions from Ben W)
Stick Technique and your Books - (Discussions with Rob)
Trad Grip Discussions - (Discussions with Matthew)
So you want to buy a Budget Drum-Kit! - by Jim MCCarthy
Instrumentation in Copland's El Salon Mexico?
Which Xylophone should I buy?(Questions from Jim Lie)
Deagan Hand Chimes Question(Questions from Mike)
Question about amplifying a marimba without resonators - (Discussions with Jon)
Instrument Building & Maintenance - General
Jim McCarthy's Marimbas - Lowest bass marimbas in the world?
Percussion instrument maintenance - (Questions from Nancy)
On the Acoustics of "Rhythm Bones" - (Discussions with Steve Wixson)
On Tuning Slit Drums - (Qs from Matt)
Materials and tuning for Vibraphone bars - (Qs from Josh Ryan)
Replacing missing marimba bars - (Qs Kahlil)
Which size Cuica? - (Qs Leonard D. Harris)
Fixing a hole in a Djembe - (Qs Nathan Grajek)
music box resonating sound piece - question from Grant Watson
plans to make a music box
cracks in early Deagan resonators - question from Dennis
Vibraphone Motor Replacement - (Discussions with Ed)
Jenco Vibraphone Repair - (Discussions with David)
Marimba repair advice - (Discussions with Peter)
Building Marimbas/Xylophones
Jim McCarthy's Marimbas - Lowest bass marimbas in the world?
"Marimbas - Exploring the Depths." The theory and practice of building bass marimbas - by: Jim McCarthy
Question regarding glockenspiel tuning - (Discussions with Dave)
Glockenspiel bar suspension - (Discussions with Mary)
How to build a Marimba - (Helping Kimberly Peck)
Building a marimba - 01 - (Discussions with Dave Woodall and Jim McCarthy)
Planning to Build a Bass Marimba? - (Question from Amos McCormick)
Planning to Build a Marimba? #2 - (some questions from Jim Malerba)
Planning to Build a Marimba? #3 - (Discussions with Jeremy Daross)
On Designing and Building a set of Marimba Bars - (discussions with Barry Anderson)
On Designing and Building a set of Marimba Bars #2 - (Discussions with Chris Brock)
Which Timber for Marimba Bars #1 - (Discussions with Kristi Grotheer)
Which Timber for Marimba Bars #2 - (Discussions with Kevin Mayberry)
Which Timber for Marimba Bars #3 - (Discussions with Stuart Bishop)
On Marimba and Vibe bar making - (Discussions with Sam Rabourn)
On tuning overtones in marimba bars - (Discussions with Leticia Latrónico)
On tuning overtones in marimba bars - (Discussions with Pierre MARZIN)
On tuning overtones in marimba bars - (Discussions with John)
Tuning Harmonics in Marimba bars (more questions from Alejandro Suarez)
Building a Simple Marimba - (Discussions with Pat)
Overtone Placements on Bass Marimbas - (Discussions with Chris)
On Super low pitched Marimba notes - (discussions with Michael Sparrow)
Cutting the arch for a marimba bar - (discussions with Gavin Paddock)
Marimba Stretch Tuning - (information from Bence Varga)
Marimba Bar Tuning Problem - (from Brad Waldron)
On Tuning Marimba Bars - (Discussions with Joerg Boettcher)
On tuning Marimba bars - (Discussions with jaro gregorovic)
Laminated Marimba bars? - (A Question from Daniel Edwards)
Flat note problems on school marimba - (A Problem from Linda Davis)
Drilling Marimba Bars (Horizontal vs Vertical) - (Q from Tom Fox)
Mounting Marimba Bars - (Discussions with Alan)
On Kelon Repair
Orff-style box resonators V 1/4 wavelength - (Discussions with Jim Cook)
Timber for Xylophone Bars - (Discussions with Greg)
making an orff style resonator box for xlophone bars - question from Alan Smollen
Gourd resonated marimba - (Discussions with Adam)
Why long resonators for high notes? - (a question from Wayne Berry)
On Quarter wavelength resonators - (Discussions with Luís Henrique and Jim McCarthy)
On Making a bamboo Xylophone - (Question from Peter Adderley)
On Making a bamboo Xylophone #2 - (Discussions with Ran Liu)
A bamboo marimba proposal
On Making a bamboo Xylophone #4 - (Qs Adam Peters)
Calculating lengths for Marimba Bars - (Qs from Wes Tom)
What size bars for a Bass Marimba? - (Qs Max de Wardener and Rob Vialle)
What is an appropriate finish for a marimba bar? - (Q from Richard.Evans)
Fixing node holes in the wrong spot - (Qs Rhonda Taylor)
Resonator sizes, and bar "side mounting" - (Qs Mark Anderson)
Using wooden rectangular resonators - (Qs leighmorgan)
Finding nodal points in marimba bars - (Qs Len Clark)
Problems with noisy Marimba Resonators - (Qs ALEJANDRO SUAREZ)
Plans for a LARGE outdoor marimba - question from Michele Wilkins
Reservations about the Lafavre marimba design(Questions from Alan Short)
problems with salt test - (Discussions with Anthony)
Questions on Marimba Design - (Discussions with Richard)
Building Tubular bells
Construction Of Large Tubular Bells - (Discussions with Art Krenzel and Jim McCarthy)
On Constructing tubular bells - (Discussions with Sue Sumner)
Retuning orchestra chimes - (Discussions with Marty Akerman)
Constructing a Slim tubular bell - (Discussions with Peter Quayle)
Dimensions chart for tubular bells from Dave
Restringing Concert Chimes - (Discussions with Mark)
Tubular bell fabrication and tuning - (Discussions with Jim)
Music & Music Theory Essays
The Tension/Relaxation Principle in Twentieth Century Harmony - by: Jim McCarthy
The Changing role of Articulation in the 20th C - by: Jim McCarthy

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