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- by Jim McCarthy
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4 hour of Video lessons on DVD! NEW for 2007! Improved 3rd edition with 4 hours of video lessons!
This increadible learning system for drums includes online viewing of video lessons and book pages as well as downloadable vids (ipod or windowsmedia), print materials and audio files. Develepod over 20 years of teaching, and refined over 6 years of teaching with the original "begin drumming" books.

The "Begin Drumming" System is frankly the most effective A-Z learning method for drums, ever created. It covers all the essential tasks from the very first lesson of how to grip the sticks, to complex and advanced solos on kit.

Get full access FREE - to 5 of these multimedia lessons - just for taking a look!

Quote from the Author: -
"This is the system I developed to use with all my own beginning students. I wrote it because there was no other book in existence that covered all the things these students needed".

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What you will find in the "Begin Drumming" System:
  • The grip - how to hold the sticks
  • Some basics - singles, doubles, triples
  • Three main strokes
  • Reading the notes and rhythms
  • Reading Rhythm 1 - Crotchets
  • Accents
  • More Accents
  • Paradiddle rudiments 1 - single, double triple.
  • Reading Rhythm 2 - Quavers
  • Reading Drum Notes
  • Reading Rhythm 3 - Quavers on drum kit
  • More work with quavers
  • Basic Rock Beats (using quavers on the high hat)
  • Flam rudiments 1 - Flams, Flamtaps, Inverted Flamtaps.
  • Drum kit solo #1 - Four Steps One
  • Reading Rhythm 4 - Semiquavers
  • Reading Rhythm 5 - Semiquavers on drum kit.
  • Reading Rhythm 6 - More Semiquavers
  • Drum kit solo #2 - The Big Rock
  • Dynamics - How loud do we play?
  • Advanced Accents
  • Drum kit solo #3 - Rock The Boat
  • The Time Signature
  • Playing in 12/8 time
  • Reading Rhythm 7 - Dotted notes
  • Reading Rhythm 8 - Different Dotted notes
  • Flam rudiments 2 - Flam Accents, Flam Drags, Flam Paradiddles.
  • Rudimental Solo 1 - “Fire & Flams”
  • 6/8 Drum Kit exercise.
  • Playing in 3/4 time
  • Drum kit solo #4 - Play-Time
  • Paradiddle rudiments 2- Paradiddlediddle, Diddle-egg 5, Diddle-egg 7.
  • Snare drum 16ths between high-hats
  • Some Special rudiments - (drags, 4 stroke ruff, single stroke 7)
  • Bass drum 16ths between high-hats
  • Drum kit solo #5 - Funky Chook
  • Reading Rhythm 9 - Triplets
  • More triplets
  • Playing in Mixed Time signatures.
  • Rudimental Solo 2 - “Double Yolks”
  • More 16ths between high-hats
  • 16ths Between Other Drums
  • Drum kit solo #6 - Funkasaurus Rox
  • Reading Rhythm 10 - Demisemiquavers
  • Roll rudiments 1
  • Semiquavers on High Hat
  • Drum kit solo #7 - Dots n’ Dashes
  • Roll Rudiments 2 - Six stroke roll, 9 stroke roll, 10 stroke roll.
  • Roll exercise
  • Drum kit solo #8 - 4 to 6 Funk
  • Playing in "Mixed" or "Complex" time signatures - & - Using open High hat notes.
  • Drum kit solo #9 - 7/8 Coffee
  • Drum kit solo #10 - The Kit Kat
Every single lesson is thoroughly explained and can be used many times and in a variety of ways. Every single lesson includes:
  • Video lesson online.
  • Downloadable video in IPOD or windows media format.
  • Printable book pages with the music, graphics and text.
  • Audio files - performances of every beat, exercise and solo.

View the multi-format lessons at your computer or take it all to your drumkit or on the road!

About the Author: -
Jim McCarthy is a percussionist based in Adelaide / Australia. He has a Masters Degree in music performance from Adelaide University, and has played professionally both in Adelaide and overseas for the last 15 years. He has 20 years of experience teaching students of all ages and abilities, both freelance and in schools. He is also the Author of the well known book for advanced drummers - "Stick Technique".

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