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4 hour of Video lessons on DVD!
The REVOLUTIONARY new Learning System by Jim McCarthy

4 hour of Video lessons on DVD!NEW for 2007! Improved 3rd edition with 4 hours of video lessons IPOD or online!
The original Begin Drumming workbook by Jim McCarthy has now been upgraded and re-released in an entirely new electronic format! 45 multimedia lessons including video, printable book pages and audio files. View your lesons from your IPOD, computer or TV. This multi-angled learning system is designed to take a beginner student right from the very first notes through to some quite tricky drum-kit solos and reading.

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Stick Technique
STICK TECHNIQUE - by Jim McCarthy NEW in 2007 - 2nd EDITION!

Stick Technique by Jim McCarthy is completely unique and an essential book for all percussionists and drummers as it contains not a bunch of exercises and beats like most books, but exactly what the title implies - a wealth of information on stick technique. The actual nuts and bolts of how the human hand works and the physics of a stick, has been explained in the simple terms that Jim has developed over several years of teaching young students. This will benefit all drummers from the very advanced to the beginner, and from the orchestral percussionist to the serious rudimentalist. The content is detailed and completely thorough, and well laid out with loads of stunning photographs and diagrams. To use a quote from the author "This is the book I wish I had when I was learning!".
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