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Rudiments n' basic worksheets
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I am really happy to be able to provide you with these premium free lessons and resources through percussionclinic dot com. Here you can download lessons, exercise sheets, and IPOD compatible MP4 videos of the exercises. All the resources have been carefully selected and prepared, and they mostly come directly from the two main products of my life's work - the "Begin Drumming" learning system, and the comprehensive "Stick Technique" book. If you want to find out more about these - visit their websites: or

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DrumKit worksheets
Downloadable Drum Technique lessons
Downloadable Mallett Technique lessons

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Rudiments and basic Worksheets

PDF worksheet files IPOD compatible mp4 videos
Paradiddle Rudiments 1
single - double - triple paradiddle
Flam Rudiments 1
Flams, Flam taps, Inverted Flam taps
Playing in 12/8 time worksheet
Simple 12/8 rhythms, 12/8 rhythms with accents, 12/8 on Drum kit.
Roll Rudiments 2
six, nine, ten stroke rolls - Roll exercise one.

Begin Drumming! - The Revolutionary Multimedia Learning System!

DrumKit Worksheets

PDF worksheet files IPOD compatible mp4 videos
Basic Rock beats sheet
Basic Rock beats sheet
4 Steps 1
drum kit solo #1
SnareDrum 16ths between HighHats
Page 50
Playing beats in "mixed" times AND Using open high hats.

Stick Technique Lessons by Jim McCarthy
Stick Technique - All the skills you will ever need!

Lesson 1 - "The Grip"
This lesson is ideal for the beginner, but also likely to be of value to even the most advanced drummers. The lesson tells us the correct way to hold the sticks and where. More importantly, it also tells you WHY! You will wonder why nobody ever made it sound so simple before!
Browse Lesson 1 NOW.
Lesson 2 - "The Piston Stroke"
Lesson two explains in detail the ins and outs of the piston stroke. What the piston stroke is, How to perform it, why we use it, and what varieties it comes in.
Browse Lesson 2 NOW.
Lesson 3 - Details on "Finger Control"
Lesson three is a detailed and comprehensive discussion of finger control. The difference between acive and passive finger control, and how to use them in combination.
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Make your own marimbas from comprehensive sets of plans and instructions!
Mallet Lessons by Jim McCarthy
Lesson 1 - "The Grip"
This lesson is designed for someone who is just starting to learn 4-mallet technique for marimba or vibraphone. The lesson shows us what the "Burton grip" looks like from both sides of the hand.
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Stick Technique - Rudimental snare drumming bible - technical manual The most comprehensive technique book for snare drum ever written
Begin drumming - Learn the drums with online Video drum Lessons Learn Drums with online lessons and videos - IPOD, Unique multimedia learning system