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Percussion Organizations
PAS - Percussive Arts Society info here soon
Modern Drummer magazine info here soon
Useful Percussion sites THE site for articles, blogs, videos & podcasts on drumming and drum technique.
Cheap Percussion Instruments
Let the beat guide you with a new or used, quality built percussion instrument.
Drumset Connect - Drums Percussion A very comprehensive site with articles, links, lessons competitions, products, and much more - a good one stop shop!
Pertti Jalava - info page Pertti Jalava is a Finnish composer with quite an extensive list of works including percussion instruments. He started my music making as a drummer in a progressive rock group in late 70s. For that reason percussion instruments have been very important for him and he feels its natural to tell stories with the language of rhythm.
World Percussion Link
World Percussion Page.
info here soon
The Tomás Howie Drumming Web There is plenty of information here, including: general hints on approach to playing, resources, info on equipment - technique - drum tuning - practise, monthly lessons, rudiments and exercises. Careful with the technique hints. Most of what Tomas Howie has to say about technique is useful, but some some could be really bad for your career and/or health if used in the wrong playing situation. A good site with heaps of info on instruments, building, tuning, recording, playing etc. A good and well organised site with plenty of info on drum tuning - building - repairing, instrument info, discussion groups, lessons for kit - hand drums - marching etc. Good links area. News and equipment reviews. Quite a few articles, some links, and a few lessons. A handful of exercise-type lessons and transcriptions, couple of CD reviews and some links. Interesting site with a few bits n' pieces worth looking at. Some streamable videos as well. Odd Rhythms with a jazz approach. A jazz drummer from Greece. Audio Samples in :5/8-7/8-9/8. Soon to be added samples in 11/8-14/8-15/8-17/8 with the Jazz Utopia trio.
Drumstick Spinology Some resources for sale online and some good reviews. For anyone interested in teaching people how to play - check out the "Teachers manual"
Hands on Brazil! Experience Brazilian music, history, cuisine, dance, socio-economy, ecology, cultural traditions and much more through a very “hands on” approach! Hands on Brazil programs present you with a different kind of tourism, where you are not merely a spectator, but rather an active participant!

The Britchops Foundation Drum Course
The Britchops Foundation Drum Course is a new interactive MIDI eBook in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file format.
Percussion Equipment Manufacturers

Ludwig - Musser
The household names in tuned percussion

Pearl Drums Page
The one and only Pearl

Yamaha Drums Page
Percussion equipment to suit just about any requirement you may have.
Premier Drums A nice Flash enabled site - takes a little long to load, but they have a good range of kits, snares, timps, tuned percussion, marching drums etc..
Remo Drums Remo make great drums but most importantly - they are the "heads and shoulders" leaders in drum heads for just about any drum ever built.

Zildjian Cymbals
Well crafted cymbals.
Paiste Cymbals Well crafted cymbals.
Sabian Cymbals Well crafted cymbals.
Make a Marimba
Make your own marimbas from comprehensive sets of plans and instructions! Shopping for marching gear? - snares basses tenors and accessories. Shopping for hand drums? - all sorts of clay drums. These guys deal with electric kits. Some info as well. Online drum shop. Online drum shop. Drum Bum: T-shirts and Gifts for Drummers!

The world's premier Drummer Gift Shop! This popular site features T-shirts, hats, ties, jewellery, decals, clocks, posters, lot's of free stuff and an award winning database with over 300 links to lessons and tabs!

Wikstix This guy makes hot-rod style sticks - very professional and in a variety of models. Hey we all know how expensive these things are to buy, so do yourself a favour and check these ones out. The name says it all! Very good product here and some interesting information also provided free on windchimes in general. These guys make hand-crafted shekeres using gourds and other natural materials."
Quality hand made drums, percussion, and information.
Offers authentic handcrafted hand drums, percussion & accessories. offers information on hand drums like African djembes, talking drums, and percussion. Also Bali gazebo kit for sale. Check out these really fantastic looking snare drums! I bet they sound great as well - I want one! The largest Djembe Drum Factory in all of Asia, we produce musical instruments ranging from African Hand Drums to Percussion and many more! Providing different type of cymbals; Sabian Cymbals, Meinl Cymbals, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Drum Cymbals, China Cymbal and Hi Hat Cymbals.
Wholesale Djembe African hand drums
Freedom Drums is the newest brand of wholesale Djembe Drums and professional percussion products
Percussion Groups
The Rhythm Works - Percussion Quartet for all types of music. info here soon
R@taque Percussion Duo
R@taque Percussion Duo
info here soon
Homepages of Well Known Drummers and Percussionists
Alessio Riccio's homepage Alessio is a professional drummer with loads of experience, plenty of talent, and a nice looking site.
Greg Gearson's homepage Keep up with the latest about Greg.
Alex Pertout's Homepage Lots of information about Hand drumming etc...

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Learn the Djembe with online Video Djembe Lessons Learn Djembe with online articles and videos, links to the best recordings, lessons and videos about hand drumming and the Djembe.